Albert Lim

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Albert Lim

Advisor, Special Projects

Albert has been a seasoned financial professional for over three decades.  His entrepreneurial qualities have helped him flourish in a wide spectrum of public companies and industries.

Whether it’s rising through the ranks of a fast-paced national retailer during its growth from $300m to $1.5b or helping companies create proper infrastructure, his disciplined approach and ability to build strong teams have helped companies create stability in their processes and governance.

He joined a publicly traded international animation and VFX studio in 2007. He managed the daily finance functions and was tasked with the accounting integration resulting from a major acquisition.
Albert joined a start-up animation studio in 2012 and became a co-owner in 2014.

Over the past nine years, Albert has been one of the driving forces in transforming the struggling animation studio into a financially strong, well-run studio with a strong market presence.  Through building strong relationships with key stakeholders, financial institutions, advisors, and employees, the studio is positioned for continued growth.