Raymond A.K. Kisun (The Leader)

Raymond A.K. Kisun

Director, Founder, Interim President

Ray is a University of British Columbia graduate with over 30 years of business experience. Straight out of university, Ray began as a Consultant writing business plans and identifying sources of capital. Over the years, his role has also included those as an entrepreneur and investor. Today, his passion is assisting in mergers and acquisitions, and he spends considerable time ensuring opportunities are ‘deal ready.’

Ray touts his second language as ‘bankerese.’ This arises from his spending enough time with debt sources and having many influential friends that are bankers, He understands the language of the banking system. Ray’s efforts include liaisons with lawyers, accountants and often serial entrepreneurs that bring considerable experience and value-add towards mitigating execution risk. 

Compelled to find a suitable path into media, he concentrated his efforts on further aligning the appropriate contacts until the timing was right for Incub8 Media. His contacts are cross-border and internationally positioned for co-production opportunities. In order to achieve Incub8’s objectives, he seeks out strong management possessing a clear vision capable of scaling up businesses that have multi-jurisdictional appeal.

As past Co-Chairman of the M&A Club in Vancouver, he continues to receive deal flow in growth, acceleration and succession-based opportunities from professionals in the M&A Sector. Ray believes the ‘audience in listening.’ Incub8 is poised to take flight.